What is Veterans’ Lifeline?

Veterans’ Lifeline is a fully registered charity based in Kent directly supporting struggling veterans and their families across the UK. Due to the way in which it’s scaled, funded and structured, Veterans’ Lifeline is able to assist quickly.

Veterans are the life-force behind the charity and are passionate about preventing veteran suicide, promoting resilience and making a difference.

What does the Charity do?

Practical, personal, direct help to ex-serving personnel and their families.

Each veteran individually, personally assessed then supported to independence and resilience. Often involves dealing with Local Government Agencies, Utility Companies etc.

Examples of veterans helped.

Homeless ex-service personnel supported to move to permanent accommodation. As a result they have gained and kept jobs, improving their, and their families’ lives.

Directly supporting struggling veterans suffering from PTSD to prevent them from taking their own lives when they’re at their lowest ebb. Where needed sitting out in the dark overnight until the demons pass.

Providing respite for veterans, and their spouses, coping with life-changing injuries. This gives a break from the reality of life, a chance to reset and supports the relationship.

How many veterans does Veterans’ Lifeline help?

40 requests received on average per month for help and advice.

500+ Veterans helped in the last year.

How do veterans come to the attention of Veterans’ Lifeline?

Via email, telephone or in person at the office.

Aims for the next 12 months:

Identify, Understand and Support struggling veterans who have slipped through the net. The charity aims to run another annual march across France for the fourth time which will involve UK Armed Forces veterans and civilians. 

mission & vision

Veterans Lifeline has a very clear mission and vision, it is to identify Veterans who have lost their sense of purpose and help them to reestablish it, primarily through finding the right employment.

A Summary of veterans lifeline


Veterans Lifeline is always looking for volunteers to help within the Charity, primarily focused on fundraising however there are also other areas that volunteers can help with.


Veterans Lifeline uses the HARDFACTS model as the tool to help identify areas of concern with the Veteran and how to best support the individual.


Veterans Lifeline