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Veterans lifeline

The Veterans Lifeline Team


The team is made up of a clever mix of individuals. Lead by Nick Perry a former soldier with over 25 years military service including many operational tours of Iraq, Afghanistan etc and a fully trained specialist at working with Wounded, Injured and Sick soldiers. The team also has ex REME as well as an ex Welsh Guard amongst it.


Nick Perry

Chief Executive Officer. (Founder).

To identify, understand and support struggling Veterans in the community and help them to regain a 'Sense of Purpose'

Meet Our Team


A fully trained and qualified individual will work with the Veteran to help understand the situation using the template of HARDFACTS - Health, Accommodation, Relocation, Drugs/Alcohol, Finances, Attitude, Children/Family, Training/ Courses/Employment, Support. 

Veterans lifeline

Veterans Lifeline looks to adopt a different approach to most other charities. In simplistic terms instead of standing next to a fast flowing stream and fishing struggling Veterans out of the water and then dealing with their symptoms, we look to move upstream and find out why the Veterans have or are falling in the water in the first place and try to prevent it - More often than not a common denominator is a lack of employment which then fuels a loss of 'Sense of Purpose'.

Veterans Lifeline have identified that a common denominator with struggling Veterans is unemployment. Therefore we look to boost their chances of finding suitable employment by giving them the full support and backing of Veterans Lifeline.


Our Mission

A local Liverpool lad and an ex soldier with 25 years military service. During his time in service he has completed several Operational tours of Afghanistan and Iraq and has a real understanding of what servicemen and women have been through. Nick has a huge amount of experience of working closely with Wounded, Injured and Sick soldiers and has also worked heavily with Help for Heroes as well as other charities, Nick was actually a former House Sergeant Major at Tedworth House (Help for Heroes flagship recovery centre) as well as a fully trained Personal Recovery Officer.


To identify, understand and support struggling Veterans in the community and help them to regain a 'Sense of Purpose'